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Wix – Crypto

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The process starts with logging into Bankful and clicking the Crypto Processing tab After completing the application, your request will be reviewed by our team Upon approval, you will receive an email from Triple A Login to Bankful, click on Crypto Processing, and input the… Read More »Wix – Crypto

Chargeback Alerts

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Chargebacks are a forced transaction reversal initiated by a cardholder’s bank that can impact your agreement with a processing bank You are typically alerted through USPS, delaying the notification process and leading to less time to solve the issue Chargeback Alerts ensure an electronic alert… Read More »Chargeback Alerts


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Note: Please wait to receive your BBPOS Chipper device before starting this guide Once you receive the BBPOS, use the cable provided to charge the BBPOS for 30 minutes before continuing Before using the BBPOS for real customer sales, follow the Pairing and Capturing a… Read More »BBPOS

Hosted Payment Page API

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Hosted Payment Page API Documentation Bankful Hosted Payment Page Integration Docs v1 The hosted payment page API can be used to integrate APMs such as Crypto Currencies or eChecks for payment processing.

Wix – Legacy Subscriptions

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Create Recurring/Subscription Payments in Wix To begin the process, please request to activate recurring payments to or your sales agent Once activated login to your Bankful gateway at and look for the subscriptions tab on the left side of the screen We will… Read More »Wix – Legacy Subscriptions

Getting Started on Open Cart

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Download the Zip Extension File for OpenCart Here Unzip the file Copy all the folders within the Bankful folder and paste them in the OpenCart root folder. Enable the Module Clear Cache (If Required) Insert Bankful Credentials