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Chargeback Alerts

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  • Chargebacks are a forced transaction reversal initiated by a cardholder’s bank that can impact your agreement with a processing bank
    • You are typically alerted through USPS, delaying the notification process and leading to less time to solve the issue
  • Chargeback Alerts ensure an electronic alert is issued when a bank is notified that a chargeback has been initiated
    • Which will allow you to issue a refund or prepare to dispute
    • Please note smaller banks may not report to the entities that issue alerts

How can I activate Chargeback Alerts?

  • Login to Bankful
  • Click on Chargeback Alerts at the bottom of the left toolbar
  • Click “Activate Chargeback Alerts”



  • Click on “+ Add additional MID”









  • Input your “Merchant ID number” and your listed Processing Bank’s “Descriptor”
  • This information needs to be precise in order for Chargeback Alerts to function
  • Please reach out to your processing bank or agent to ensure this information is correct
  • You may also contact us at



  • Once your request is approved, your Chargeback Alert page will look like this:
  • You can engage the top toggle button to enable automatic refunds for your chargebacks



  • If you incur any chargebacks, they will appear like in the example below



  • By clicking on the + sign at the left of a chargeback you can expand the details
  • You can also to choose to refund from here