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How to Attribute Traffic to Your Site Instead of Bankful

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If you have noticed your traffic (acquisition) source coming from and not your customers, you’ll simply need to exclude Bankful traffic to see the true source of where this traffic is coming from.

Log into your Google Analytics account and follow these steps to exclude Bankful and see the real source of your referral traffic:

  1. Once logged in, click on “Admin” (on the lower left-hand side)
  2. Under the middle “Property” column click on “Tracking Info”

3. Click on “Referral Exclusion List”

4. Click the “+ Add Referral Exclusion” button

5. Add Domain “” in the domain box

6. Click “Create”

Once the “” domain has been added to the “Referral Exclusion List” no more acquisition traffic will be sourced from this page and instead, you’ll only see the true source of your traffic coming from your customers.