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Invoicing Overview

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Easy Invoicing from Bankful

  • Bankful’s Invoicing feature makes it simple to send professional, customized invoices. Bankful emails your customer a link to access the invoice or you can supply a link in your own email.
  • Your customer can then view the invoice details and securely pay with a credit card, debit card, eCheck, or cryptocurrency. Bankful has one of the few invoicing platforms that allows for crypto payments.
  • Our invoicing feature also makes it easy to manage your invoices, view your invoice status, manually record payments, and more. You can handle all of this directly from your Bankful Portal.
  • Sending and managing email invoices costs you nothing (SMS invoices incur a nominal fee). You pay a standard processing fee only when you get paid online.

How it Works

  • In the left sidebar, click on “Invoicing”

  • Enter your business info, so customers know that it’s you who is billing them.
    • This will only need to be done once, but you have the ability to update it later if you like.
    • The Company Name & Email are required fields.

  • Enter the following invoice information: Invoice date, reference number, due date and the date on which the invoice expires.
  • From the “Type” dropdown menu, choose whether the item is Shippable or Digital Goods.
  • In the “Bill To” section, you can either look for an existing customer or setup a new customer.
    • If you need to setup a new customer, click on the “Bill To” edit icon and setup a new customer.
    • You can find your customer rolodex in the customer tab in the sidebar menu until invoicing.
  • Enter your customer’s information here.

  • Now create your invoice
    • Choose a currency
    • Enter a SKU
    • Item Name (searchable)
    • Quantity
    • Rate
    • Tax
  • Discount your item if you like (optional)
  • Enter a note to your customer (optional)
  • Enter Terms and Conditions (optional)

  • Save it as a draft or hit send.
    • You also have an option to send the link via text to your customer.
  • Your customer will see the following:

  • Once the customer clicks on the invoice, they will be routed to the secure payment page. They can now pay with either Credit Card, eCheck, or Crypto.