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Customer Assistance Fee

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  • The Customer Assistance Fee, often abbreviated as CAF, allows you to recuperate some of their processing costs by adding a flat fee or percentage of an order amount to your customer’s final transaction.


  • This feature is only available for merchants utilizing our Hosted Payment Page and/or Virtual Terminal.

How to Access the Customer Assistance Fee

  • Sign into your Bankful Portal → Click Hosted Payment Page (left sidebar) → Scroll down (last option) and click Customer Assistance Fee → Toggle “On”

Customer Assistance Fee Sections/Options

  • Fee Type
    • Flat
      • This will charge the customer a flat dollar amount on each transaction.
    • Percentage
      • This will charge the customer a percentage of the transaction.
    • The default will be percentage, this can be changed by clicking on the dropdown within the Fee Type field.
  • Percentage / Flat Fee
    • You will choose the percentage amount or flat fee you would like to charge your customers.
    • This is entered within the Percentage / Flat Fee field.
    • Only numbers and decimals are allowed in this field.
    • Fees cannot exceed 10% of the transaction amount.
  • Text Color
    • You can choose the text color of the message displayed to the customer explaining the fee. 
    • This allows your branding to stay consistent.
    • Click the Text Color guide to open the color wheel for selection.
  • Message
    • This is a predetermined message that informs the customer of the added fee and will adjust between flat and percentage.
    • This message cannot be edited.
    • It will be visible during the checkout process.
      • Percentage
      • Flat
  • Saving
    • Edits are seen in real time to the right of the settings.
    • Once all settings are chosen, make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page to make the edits effective.


  • Is the CAF only available for credit card purchases?
    • Yes
  • Can I choose which transactions will have a CAF?
    • No, when the feature is turned on, it is for all transactions.
  • Will this option work for multi-currencies?
    • Yes
  • I cannot see CAF as an option within the Hosted Payment Page setup.
    • CAF will only show once you have configured credit card processing.
  • Will the processing bank apply the transaction rate to the CAF?
    • Yes, the processing bank will apply their rates/fees to the total amount processed.
  • Is the Customer Assistance Fee taxed?
    • The Bankful gateway does not calculate taxes, this is done on the shopping cart level and may vary from cart to cart.

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