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How to Customize your Hosted Payment Page

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  • To customize the hosted payment page, start by logging into your Bankful dashboard at
  • Once logged in, go to the left column and select “Hosted Payment Page”

  • Here, we can use the Editor Tool to easily customize the page with different colors, theme’s, links and your company logo.

  • Here are base Themes before customization
  • Shopify Theme

  • Bankful Theme

  • Your logo can be added in the logo section.

  • Simply click “Upload Logo” and select the file from your computer.

  • You can now adjust your logo to your liking.
  • The Hosted Payment Page also supports Custom CSS for more advanced users who want to insert their fully customized CSS.

  • The hosted payment page supports Google Translator

  • The next tab will allow you to customize the Favicon Icon that appears for the hosted page.

  • The final tab allows for Analytics and Tracking through Google Analytics, tag manager, Facebook Pixel or Taboola