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Customer Portal for Recurring Payments

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  • Bankful offers a Customer Portal for your customers to manage their subscriptions.


  • Login to Bankful
  • Click the Subscription Billing tab



  • Click Customer Portal from the drop-down



  • On this page you can upload a logo for customers to see when they visit your portal


  • You can also click the page icon to copy your Customer Portal URL
  • Share this URL in your email templates or website to allow your customers to visit this page.


  • Customers will be prompted for an email address
  • They will type in the one they used when they subscribed for your product


  • They will then be asked to type in their password
  • First-Time Logins: Bankful will send a code to the email that will need to be entered, then the customer can create their password.



  • This is the dashboard view of the Customer Portal
  • Customers currently can Stop or Skip


  • Customers can also click on the subscription product to display further details