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Wix – Legacy Subscriptions

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Create Recurring/Subscription Payments in Wix

  • To begin the process, please request to activate recurring payments to or your sales agent
  • Once activated login to your Bankful gateway at and look for the subscriptions tab on the left side of the screen

  • We will then click “Products” and create items to match what we sell on our website by clicking “New Product”

  • We will now fill out the new product page
    • Name – What we want to refer to the product as in Bankful
    • Frequency – This will determine how often the product is renewed
    • Amount – What will be the price for the renewal
    • Description- any additional details you would like to add
    • Product renews? – please select yes if this is more than a one time purchase
    • Renew to itself – When this product renews, should it renew as a different product. Please select yes for most circumstances

  • We will now need to create a rule to apply to the products created. Each product can be assigned to only one rule and each rule can be assigned to any number of products
  • Click “Rule Set” on the left column and select “New Subscription Rule”

  • Once here, fill all of the fields for the rule creation
    • Rule Name- What do we want the rule called in Bankful
    • Products- What products that we created in the previous step do we want assigned to this rule
    • Order Schedule Every- What is the renewal period and how often is the order scheduled for that period (ex. Once or twice a year)
    • Charge “X” Number of Times- How long will this subscription last for (Leave blank for indefinite for the customer to cancel if needed)

  • As transactions are processed, you will need to identify them as subscription products and click the “Set Recurring” button to assign a product to them

  • We will also need to select a start date, it is very important that we select the date of the second billing cycle, as the customer has already paid the first. If we select the date of purchase, the customer will be double billed

  • The last step of this process will need to be done for each subscription payment individually, every time a new subscription is purchased.
  • Please be aware that products will need to be set as one-time purchases within Wix or Bankful will not show as a payment option