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Getting Started on PrestaShop

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Bankful’s Gateway integrates seamlessly into PrestaShop. Check out the video below and you will be a couple of clicks away from accepting payments on your eCommerce site.

  • Once you receive your activation email from us, you can now integrate Bankful with PrestaShop
  • Start by logging into you PrestaShop admin portal
  • You will then want to click “Module Manager” under the “Modules” dropdown menu.

  • Once in the Module Manager, we will click the blue “Upload a module” button

  • Once selected, we will be offered to configure the module, please click configure.

  • From here, we will need to enter the Bankful login credentials that we received in our welcome email.
    • Merchant ID will be you Bankful Username
    • Merchant Secret will be your Bankful Password
    • Notify URL will be already filled, please do not change the default

  • We now want to ensure that Bankfulappears as an option in our checkout page.