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  • This guide will walk you through connecting and using your QuickBooks account with Bankful
  • Connecting QuickBooks will allow you to view and organize your Bankful transaction history


Connecting QuickBooks

  • Login into
  • Once you reach the dashboard, at the bottom of the left hand toolbar, click QuickBooks
  • Click Connect to QuickBooks App
  • Click Authorize This Application
  • Log into Intuit/QuickBooks
  • Click Sign In
  • Select the company or account you want to use from the drop-down.
  • Then click Next
  • Click Connect
  • Click on Continue To Complete The Process
  • You will then be redirected back to Bankful
  • Back in the QuickBooks tab, you will now select from the drop-downs your:
    • Holding Account
      • The account within QuickBooks that your approved sales transactions are recorded under
    • Refund Clearing Account
      • The account within QuickBooks that your approved refund transactions are recorded under
  • Select them and click Submit
  • Upon Submitting, you will see Successfully saved! Appear at the top of your screen

Transactions In QuickBooks

  • Log into QuickBooks
  • On the left hand tool-bar, click Sales
  • Here you will your transaction history that has been synced over from Bankful
  • You can click on the individual transactions on this page to get more details.
  • Bankful approved transactions will have a description of Bankful Sale
  • Bankful approved refunds will say Bankful Refund


  • The transaction history recorded within Bankful and sent to QuickBooks are customer transactions that were sent through Bankful and then ultimately over to your Processing Bank. They are not a history of your payouts or fund deposits.
  • Bankful will never hold funds or issue payouts, we will only charge you our monthly Bankful gateway fees. Funds and payments will be sent by your Processing Bank: Typically, payouts are sent by your processor in batches every 2-3 business days.
  • For help utilizing QuickBooks, please see the Intuit QuickBooks Support Page
  • For any further questions, please reach out to us at