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  • Bankful is registered as an External Payment Provider with Shopify.
    • Bankful integrates with Shopify as an external payment provider.
    • When the customer completes their order, they are redirected to complete their payment with the external payment provider.
    • When payment is complete, your customer is redirected back to the Shopify store to view their order summary and confirmation page.
      • For example, a Shopify merchant will select Bankful as an external payment provider, and the consumer with see the Bankful payment page when purchasing a product or service.
    • Bankful Hosted Payment Page
      • The Hosted Payment Page process:
        • The customer places an order with Shopify Checkout.
        • They enter their email, shipping address, and delivery method, and then select Bankful as their payment option.
        • On the last step of Shopify’s checkout process, the customer is redirected to Bankful’s Hosted Payment Page
        • The customer pays for the order on our hosted payment page.
        • The customer completes the payment and is redirected back to the Shopify order confirmation page.