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Crypto Checkout In Shopify

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  • Customers will first:
    • Cart their items
    • Start the Shopify checkout process
    • Enter their Contact and Billing information
    • Then click Continue to payment
  • They will then see the available Payment options
  • Bankful will be listed as an option if you have followed the Shopify integration guide
  • Side Note: The payment icons to the right of Bankful can be edited by:
    • Logging into Shopify > Settings > Payments > Mange Bankful
    • Then toggling on the payment methods you are approved for
  • After your customer has clicked Pay Now, they will be routed to your Bankful Hosted Payment Page
  • Options for opening a wallet are provided for customers who need it
  • They will then click Pay Now
  • Available and accepted coins will be listed
  • A QR code will appear and will need to be scanned by the customers mobile device
  • This will then open the customers crypto wallet to issue the payment
  • After the customer has paid using their crypto wallet, they will be routed back to Shopify
  • Shopify will show a successful transaction and provide the order details