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Getting Started with and Shopify

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How to Connect to Shopify

  • The process will start when we receive our authorization email from
  • Here, we will then finalize the creation of our gateway and take it off of test mode.
    • Login to Merchant interface at
    • Select settings under Account within the main menu
    • Click “Security settings” and “Test mode”
    • Click turn off test mode
  • We now need to gather what is called an API Login ID and Transaction Key
    • In the home screen, click “Account” from the main toolbar

    • Click “API Credentials and Keys”

    • Select “New Transaction Key” and click submit to continue which will the send a Pin to your email for confirmation

    • After verification, your new key is displayed.

  • We now need to log into our Shopify store.

  • Click on settings and then “Payments”

  • In the Third Party Providers section click “Choose third-party provider” and select


  • Enter your API Login ID and Transaction key

  • Click Activate