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WooCommerce Hosted Payment Page

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  • This is a step-by-step guide on integrating Bankful into WooCommerce
  • You will need a Username & Password for an active Bankful account to continue
    • If you have not signed up for Bankful, please do so here
  • We advise setting customer Email & Phone Number fields to mandatory within WooCommerce
    • This will help your processing bank verify transactions and help with any future chargeback disputes

Integrating Bankful Into WooCommerce

  • The Process begins when we receive the installation email. You will get this email from If you have not gotten this email, please contact or reach out to your sales representative.
  • Download Plugin for Hosted Integration
  • You will now sign into your WooCommerce store and click the Plugins Tab. and Click “Add New”
  • Now click Upload Plugin and choose the Bankful plugin
  • Once the program is selected, click “Install Now”
  • You will now be on a page showing it was successful. Now click “Activate Plugin” Button
  • This will now show as Bankful Payment Gateway in the Installed Plugins Section.
  • You will now click on settings on the Bankful Plugin
    • From here will need to enter your Bankful credentials into the plugin API settings.
    • API Username = Bankful Username
    • API Password = Bankful Password
  • You should now double check that your Bankful integration is working properly. Go to the checkout page on your cart and it should look like the screenshot below.